Have a bad breath?

After eating, residues accumulate in the spaces between the teeth, and the process of decomposition by bacteria begins. As a result, an unpleasant odor is formed, and caries develop. To eliminate problems with the teeth, they are brushed daily in the morning and evening.

Smallest Water Flosser Dental Oral Irrigator for bad breath

Why waterpik cordless is better than brushes

The following points make the water flosser dental oral irrigator better than a regular toothbrush:

Complete cleaning of the dental cavity from dirt (the brush removes only 90% of bacteria)

No need for physical work (you only need to move the device)

Water flosser can be taken on a trip or to work (fits in any pocket)

The absence of any harm to the teeth (the brush harms the gums, and leads to bleeding, in the case of water flosser this is excluded)

The possibility of use by two or more people (you only need to purchase additional nozzles, relevant for families)

Low cost in comparison with the use of disposable brushes and toothpaste

Why waterpik cordless is better than brushes

Improve gum health

For cleaning, toothbrushes with toothpaste, dental floss, and toothpicks are used. A better solution is to use an oral irrigator, the device does an excellent job of cleaning the interdental space. One of the most popular brands of water flosser is Waterpik, but it is recommended to consider a device from Rutruebenz for purchase. This oral irrigator has a patented elastic membrane technology, the structural elements are of high quality and technologically advanced. It is also worth noting the portable size, the device is much smaller than the Waterpick, therefore more convenient. You can also buy this from Walmart!

best oral irrigator to improve gum health
The smallest water flosser ever

The smallest water flosser ever

An oral irrigator in a closed form (in a case) visually looks like a small rectangular box with rounded edges. Inside the mini travel water flosser, there are 4 nozzles (for teeth, tongue, gums, and braces) in the form of round tubes with different ends. On the body, there is a valve for filling water, a connector for charging, a cavity for inserting a nozzle, and a mechanical button for selecting an operating mode.

How to use?

The algorithm for using the water flosser is as follows:

Take out the water flosser travel size from the case

Charge the device with a USB cable

Fill with ordinary water through a special valve, insert the desired nozzle

Select the operating mode of the oral irrigator

Turn on the water supply under pressure, and evenly pass the flow of liquid over the entire dentition

After use, pour out any remaining liquid from the inner tank (preventing water fermentation).

guide on how to use the water flosser
Principle of operation of waterproof waterpik cordless

Principle of operation

Inside the water flosser oral irrigator is a low-power battery compressor. After switching on, it begins to supply water from the pressure tank through the nozzle. The directed flow of water in the water flosser washes away all food particles, salt and slag deposits, and bacteria from the oral surfaces (teeth, gums, tongue). The cleaning of the oral irrigator is highly efficient.

Acquisition of portable water flosser

For healthy teeth and fresh breath throughout the day, buy Cordless Water Flosser Portable Oral Irrigator. Of the advantages of buying an oral irrigator:


does not take up much space in a bag or backpack

no wire

easy to use waterpik toothbrush

Acquisition of portable water flosser with optimal capacity water tank

capacious battery

charging 1 time per month, subject to cleaning twice a day

3 modes of operation

select the optimal power

Do not waste time, and order a portable waterpik and go on a trip or use it in your everyday life.
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